Veganism and animal rights

Why I refuse to use animal products

I spent a long time trying to write something complex, profound and challenging on this subject. But it really is this simple:

I'm confident that being stabbed, suffocated, crushed, boiled or beaten to death is horrible, no matter who you are – and I'm not prepared to be responsible for it happening to anyone.

This is what we do to the animals we use to make meat, dairy, eggs, wool, silk, leather – free range, organic, grass fed, local... And we treat them horrifically while they're alive, too. It's not kind, compassionate or humane – and since we don't have to do these things, I think we shouldn't. And it's so easy: next time you go shopping, pick up this product instead of that one. Soy, almond or oat milk instead of cow milk; mushrooms, nuts and broccoli instead of meat.

If you need more convincing, or want more info or advice, here are some more interesting and more eloquent sources than me:




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Chicken photo by Smudge 9000. Licence